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The Modern Farm | A Journey Flashback

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

This multi-purpose farm building will not only be headquarters for commercial space, but also a place to live with a gorgeous view. After all the time, sweat and manpower spent on this unique project, we are more than excited to see the finished result. We love the multi-functionality and modern looks of this build, and the fact that everybody's feet will stay warm (check out the amazing heated floor system in the second photo) is a big bonus, too!

Scroll down to see the finished project.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the other contractors and suppliers who were involved with this project, they did an incredible job.

Foundation Forming / Framing, Siding, Interior Finishing & Woodwork, Drain Tile, Soffits, Painting (Exterior) - Pickard Construction

Concrete Supply - Mayco Mix

Concrete & Deck Finishing - Holtzman Concrete

Siding & Roofing - MAG Flashing

Masonry - Sneddon Masonry

Windows - Starline Windows

Doors - Central Builders

Deck Railings & Mirrors - Budget Glass Nanaimo

Gutters & Downspouts - Mid Island Gutters

Flooring, Tile & Ceramic Tile - Set in Stone

Counter Tops & Cabinets - Inter Island Design

Insulation - Intercity Insulation

Drywall - Fords Drywall

Painting (Interior) - Gabor Czinger

Painting (Exterior) - Weatherwise

Plumbing & Heating - Elliott Industries

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